About Harisharan Devgan

A farm cannot be cultivated or grown without a successful and dedicated farmer. Harisharan Devgan is one of the most decorated farmers in Organic Pomegranate farming industry, due to whom, Niche Agriculture is now booming in market. Both hard and smart works Of Mr. harisharan Devgan show the results as well cultivated, quality and seedy organic pomegranates. Thanks to him, these fruits are now being exported in all over India along with abroad. People really like the taste, quality and freshness of Organic Pomegranate produced in Niche Agriculture. 

harisharan Devgan

If we are looking at the profile of the owner of Niche Agriculture, Mr. Harisharaan Devgan, we find some interesting things about him. Mr.Devgan is quite passionate about his farming hobby. He never thinks about people’s thinking while he is in farm field. He only focuses on his straight goal, FARMING. A child will definitely grow healthier of its mother will take care of it. As a guardian or parent, Mr. Devgan, takes care of his farm as his own children, which results quality and nutritious organic pomegranates. We can say, their bond of love is quite different and interesting. 

Here are some key points of success of Mr. Devgan which make him and entrepreneur in farming business.

  • Before getting into farming business, he made complete market survey. The target customer, the possible allies and rivals, all the calculation had been done by him.
  • To avoid the financial crisis, he financed his business well by setting it as a small business. Taking wise steps with time, he has turned his business into a large scale business which is serving all over in India.
  • Mr. Devgan grows tons of high quality organic pomegranates per day for clients and retail. By using the specific fertilizers, he used to take care of his firm from beginning to end.
  • If you have to survive in current market scenario, you must have to adopt the market changes. Mr.Devgan, done it very well. After so many ups and downs in his business, he stood still like a pillar.
  • The most important part of any successful business is Time Management. In case of farming, Mr. Devgan used it so well in case of weather. Weather monitoring is considered as one of the most important time management skill in farming sector.
  • Customers and the key points of a successful business. Mr. Devgan has perfect positive relationship with his clients and retailers since decades. You won’t want to lose such kind of humble and active entrepreneur.
  • As a farmer, he has the desired knowledge about the crops, their characteristics, their diseases, their pests and cure etc. Without having knowledge about them, he couldn’t be a successful farmer.