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India's Leading Farmer

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Harisharan Devgan

Harisharan devgan is one of the most decorated farmers in Organic Pomegranate farming industry, due to whom, Niche Agriculture is now booming in market. Both hard and smart works Of Mr. Harisharan Devgan show the results as well cultivated, quality and seedy organic pomegranates. Thanks to him, these fruits are now being exported in all over India along with abroad. People really like the taste, quality and freshness of Organic Pomegranate produced in Niche Agriculture.

Niche group of Companies

harisharan devgan

Niche Agriculture Firm by Harisharan Devgan, is considered as one of the largest and oldest organic pomegranate farms in India. This farm is serving its customers and distributors from decades and getting huge benefits. Whether the dealer is in India or abroad, Niche Agriculture provides quality and on-time service to its customers.

niche racing

Going racing is one of the most unique experiences one can have, and with our diverse range of horses, you are sure to get your taste catered. Horse racing has been one of the most elite performance sports in the history and at Niche Racing we ensure that you get that experience first-hand. All our horses are well trained and provide a sense of zeal on the racecourse.

niche film farm

Niche Film Farm is a premier film distribution company based in the heart of Indian capital, New Delhi. Established in February 2016, Niche Film Farm is a dynamic and purely Indian film distribution company which aims to be innovative and creative while taking films in front of audience. Although Mumbai is the Mecca for film fraternity, Niche chooses to establish its roots in Delhi, so as to provide an easily accessible open window to film makers in north India. With a young and experienced team of professionals.

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Harisharan Devgan pushing limits towards sustainable development, agriculture with a new dimension

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India's Leading Farmer
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Harisharan Devgan
Harisharan Devgan
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Farmer & Founder
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